Sunsets in Cyprus

When you think of the best places in the world to watch the sunset you probably think of the Greek Islands, maybe the Australian Outback, the Sahara Desert or even the Grand Canyon.

But what if I told you I’ve found an even better place to watch the sunset? It’s the kind of sunset that takes you by surprise. You’re sitting by the pool minding your own business when you look up and see the sky ablaze with pinks and oranges and reds and purples.

You think it must be a one-off but it happens again the next night and the one after that and the one after that!

This gorgeous sunset spot is Cyprus and sunset quickly became my favourite time of the day.

The best thing about sunsets in Cyprus is the lack of crowds. I hear that sunset on Santorini in Greece is chaos as tour buses and cruise ships pile in and crowds of tourists line up to watch the nightly show. Yes, it’s beautiful but that’s no way to enjoy the sunset.

So sit back and relax, here are some of my favourite sunsets in Cyprus.

Sunset in Cyrpus | Ssi-ch Travel Blog
Sunset in Cyrpus | Ssi-ch

Bright sunset in Cyprus

Colourful sunset in Cyprus


Sunset at Paradise Hills

Cyprus Sunset

Sunset from Zening Resort

 Sunset and palm trees in Cyprus

Sunset at Zening Resort Cyprus


How gorgeous is this chill out area at Zening Resort

Sunset Selfies on Ssi-ch


Sunset selfies, it’s got to be done!

Sunsets in Cyprus

Ssi-ch in CYprus

I took this video of sunset shots during a drive from to an evening cookery class at the in Lysos. (More on the cooking class coming soon).

We hadn’t planned to stop but it was so beautiful we just had to. A quick 1 minute photo opportunity turned into a 15 minute wait as we ‘oooh’d’ and ‘aaahh’d’ while the sun slowly sank into the sea.

Big thanks to the Cyprus Tourism Organisation for inviting me to Cyprus. You can read my other blog posts about Cyprus here.



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  1. Even closer to home in Hunstanton in Norfolk. It’s unique as it’s on the East coast but faces west and there’s beautiful sunsets all the time. the sun falls right into the sea; it’s fantastic! People often pull their cars over and get out to take photos

  2. Wow……..!!! that’s are really awesome pictures.

    Hey Monica

    Your sunset pictures & videos all are become aesthetic.Like as you i wish to visit all over the world.Meeting with new people.New place.

  3. oh man, how gorgeous! Especially love that photo with the “double sun.” Great capture and must have been even more amazing to see it live!

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